Although different for every runner, hydration before, during and after a run is important for all runners. Your body weight, sweat rate, and effort level, along with the temperature, humidity, and elevation, affect how much you should drink. If you drink when you’re thirsty, you’ll stay adequately hydrated. Some runners rarely feel thirsty, however, studies suggest everyone should drink on runs 90 minutes or longer.

Sports Drinks vs. Water

Should you choose sports drinks or water? On runs longer than 60 minutes, high quality rehydration drinks are a good idea. They provide valuable carbs that your muscles need for energy. Sports drinks also contain electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which are lost through sweat but are integral to nerve and muscle function, and contribute to your body’s water balance. At Runners High, we carry the best hydration and recovery drinks on the market today. Stop by for a free sample!

Recovery Drinks

Firstly, drink water after your run. If your face has white salt streaks on it after your run, it means you’ve lost quite a bit of sodium, so it’s best to have a rehydration sports drink.

After especially long or hard runs, you also need protein to help your muscles rebuild. That’s why recovery drinks are ideal—they provide protein and fluid to help you rehydrate. Chocolate milk is also a great choice because the carbs-to-protein ratio is perfect for recovery. Sip liquids regularly until your urine is back to straw yellow and your weight returns to normal.

Water bottle solutions

Stop in to see the best in water belts, hand helds, and other water carriers specifically designed for whatever length run you are going.

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