5K for Beginners Training Plan

Plan Overview:

Weekly Routine:
4 days of rest, 3-4 days of running

Weekly Mileage:
6-15 miles

Long Runs:
Start at 2 miles, peak at 4


Below is an example week of workouts from this training plan.

Welcome to week one of the 5K training plan for beginners.  In this first week of training, you’ll start with three days of short runs and four days of rest. Each week you’ll run just a little longer than the week before, adding a half mile or so to your weekly runs. Your longest run will be four miles one week before the race.

Here’s a guide to this week’s workouts:

REST: No running at all. Rest days allow your body to recover and prepare for the miles ahead. You can do some light cross-training with an activity like yoga or swimming, but it’s best not to exercise at all.

EASY: This is a comfortable, conversational pace. If you’re huffing and puffing, you’re going too fast. If you get passed by a walker, your pace is probably too easy.


2 Miles

Maintain a comfortable pace that feels easy enough to hold a conversation. If you’re huffing and puffing, you’re going too fast.


Ideally, on rest days you should do no exercise at all. But it’s okay to cross-train with a no-impact activity like stretching, yoga, or swimming.

2 Miles   Run at a comfortable, conversational pace.

Friday  REST

Let your body recover so you feel fresh for tomorrow’s run.

Saturday   2 Miles

Maintain a comfortable pace.

Sunday   REST

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